Gorey International

group-wide QMS Training Program

At Gorey, we recently conducted a QMS training session for our employees to help them understand the importance of QMS and how to implement it in their daily operations. This training session was designed to ensure that our employees are well-equipped to maintain and improve the quality of our products, meet customer expectations, and comply with regulatory requirements. QMS training helps us to maintain our reputation as a trusted company and deliver high-quality products to our customers consistently.

PAF KIET Job Fair 2023

This January, Gorey participated at the PAF KIET Job fair, where we had the chance to engage with some of the brightest and most talented students on campus. Our team was thrilled to connect with students from various fields and backgrounds, and shared information about our company, the opportunities we offer, and what we look for in potential candidates. We also took the time to answer questions, provide insights, and offer guidance on how students can best position themselves for success in their chosen fields.

gorey at expo center Karachi

The Expo Centre Job Fair provided a fantastic opportunity for the company to showcase the brand and meet with talented individuals who are looking to make a difference in their careers.

We were thrilled to connect with candidates who were enthusiastic about our company and what we do. Our representatives were on hand to answer questions and provide more information about our mission, culture, and career opportunities.

Gorey Orphanage house visit

Team Gorey visited the Edhi orphanage on the 14th of August to celebrate the true essence of living in an Islamic Republic. The drive included a small awareness session on oral care, gift hamper distribution, and of course, feeling the joy that 14th August brings by singing anthems and waving the Pakistan flag.

It was lovely seeing the little ones smile ear to ear while they chanted their love for their homeland. Team Gorey hopes to conduct such drives all over Pakistan to give our kids a reason to smile and to equip them with the knowledge needed to be able to smile bright

gorey at expo center

Gorey at Expo Centre Karachi from this Saturday. Great crowd, massive engagement (10,000+), entertaining activities and happy customers.
A successful event overall alhamdulillah!

Gorey x The Last Earthlings Beach Cleanup

In September 2021, Gorey partnered with The Last Earthlings, an organization committed to bring about a positive change by carrying out fortnightly or weekly beach cleanups. Not only do we sponsor the events, our team also loves to get their hands dirty as they dig through the sand to get the trash out!

Job Fairs

Job Fairs are an essential part of our recruitment drives. These photos are from one such drive at Habib University

Sports Day at Gorey

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And how boring and unproductive would a team of dull boys be? Cricket tournaments at Gorey have always been fulfilled and highly competitive. We watch in awe as our team members shed their professional skins and smoothly transition into batsmen, bowlers, and (hilarious) commentators!

gorey beach Cleaning activity

We joined World Cleanup Day and cleaned up our coast lines in Karachi. More than 250 volunteers joined us and participated in this cause. The event was sponsored Decathlon and Gorey International. Thank you so much for supporting us! We are the wave of change.

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