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About Us

Gorey international was founded in 1992, and is one of the leading firms in oral care in Pakistan today. Gorey has been in the industry since three decades, and works with four sub brands revolving around oral care, babycare, and other hygiene products. Excelling at what we do is our goal — being valued by the lives we touch, our mission.

Our Brands

Gorey is committed to bringing you safe and effective oral care, baby care, and hygiene products every day.

Gorey Toothbrushes is known for its quality oral care products across and beyond Pakistan, ranging from plain, plastic ones, to those with tongue cleaners and rubber grips, to the new biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

MuMta deals with high quality and BPA-free soothers, feeders, and nipples to give your baby the care they deserve.

Aroma deals with air fresheners and has been committed to making Pakistan’s toilets smell pleasant for over two decades.

New Era is the only instant shoe shiner brand in Pakistan that comes with a refill!

Single blade razor easy to wise ensuring precision cleaning Intact with protection comb to guard delicate areas while cleaning Provided with safety cap to prevent the blade from corrosion assuring ideal sanitation

Our Values

We hold close to our hearts the core Islamic notion of ʾiḥsān, which refers to beautification, perfection, and excellence. At Gorey, we strive for excellence, and do it beautifully.

We care for the environment, and recognize the perils of plastic usage. That is why we are working on making the move towards environmentally friendly alternatives, such as Pakistan’s first bamboo toothbrush, Eco. We believe in sustainability, change, and that every step in the right direction is a step worth taking.

At Gorey, we design our products such that they add aesthetic value to your space instead of taking away from it. Simple, minimalist, and beautiful!

To work and excel within the boundaries of the sharia is, and has always been, our top most priority. All Gorey products and procedures are 100% halal and do not violate any Islamic regulations.



Generally, toothbrushes with soft filaments are best as they reach all areas of the mouth and there is no risk of tooth damage. However, we also have a range of medium and hard toothbrushes to suit your specific needs under guidance from your dentist!

Absolutely! Powered toothbrushes are useful if you have trouble using your hands – else, a manual toothbrush is fully capable of cleaning your teeth just as well.

Change your toothbrush if:
a) the filaments look bent or splayed out
b) there is toothpaste residue on the base of the toothbrush head, between the filament roots
c) you have already been using it for three months

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