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Fun Facts

1. All human babies are born with 20 primary teeth just below the gum line, waiting to emerge.

2. Teeth are the hardest substance in your body, even harder than your bones!

3. The difference between teeth and bones is that bones produce bone marrow and teeth don’t.

4. Teeth have a 200LB bite force!

5. Ancient Egyptians used a combination of crushed eggshells and animal hooves as their dental care products.

6. Teeth cannot self-heal.

7. Of all the 52 (32 permanent and 20 milk teeth) that a person will have in their lives, each and every tooth is unique.

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Oral Care Quiz

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You should brush your teeth

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How many milk teeth does a baby have?

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What is the role of baby teeth?

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How often does a toothbrush need to be replaced?

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An infant without teeth does not need oral care

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The hardest material in the human body is:

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It is okay for infants to sleep while drinking milk from feeders…

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